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Stefania bertini cavelti

Stefania Bertini Cavelti

I was born in Florence and studied art and philosophy both in my own city and in Bologna.
I moved to Switzerland, where I teach the Italian language L2.
Teaching Italian at ILI allows me to come into contact with different circumstances, with people hailing from all around the world. Such experiences give me the opportunity to keep the relationship with society alive in all its colourful traits, receiving new sources of nourishment every day.
Authentic encounters are created within the classes, as language becomes a bridge to overcoming any barrier.
I continued my studies by furthering the study of art as a pedagogical and social instrument, before graduating two years ago in the art of pedagogy and social arts.
I collaborate on projects that involve interaction between language content and artistic experiences.

I attended the Xth Florence Biennale – 2015 International Biennial of Contemporary Art and won the 5th prize of the Mixed Media category.

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