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Olga Marinoni Sartorio

I am Milanese by birth, but with a Varese and Como background by blood and marriage respectively, having now been in Ticino for many years residing in Mendrisio.
An avid reader since I was young, I have continued to cultivate this passion both at a level of education and professionally (graduating in literature and then teaching Italian language and literature), as well as in my private life (I am a devourer of fiction, especially contemporary fiction).
My hobbies range from singing (unfortunately now less and less cultivated) to the culinary arts, from puzzles to… sunbathing.
Unusual for a Milanese, I love the sun and the sea, novels by Camilleri and De Giovanni, Spaghetti with Clams and Caponata, the Neapolitan music, but also singer-songwriters Guccini and De André.

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