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massimiliano fierro

Massimiliano Fierro / Cultural Workshops

Lecturer and researcher, he worked at the University of Bergamo where he received a PhD in Theory and the Analysis of Text, specialising in the aesthetics of experimental cinema, then a post-doctoral research cycle focusing on the relationship between image and memory. His interests in research are particularly concerned with the interweaving and dialogue between cinema and art.

Massimiliano is the artistic director of a film festival, along with having taught at universities, institutes and schools. He has published several essays on books and curatorship, attended national and international conferences, edited academic journals and is the author of the monograph, ‘Tra le immagini. Per una teoria dell’intervallo’ (‘Amongst the images. For a Theory on Intermissions’) (Falsopiano, 2012). Massimiliano has been collaborating with the ILI School since 2014 in the context of special courses and workshops.

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