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Lorena Razzoli

Lorena Razzoli

My name is Lorena. I was born in Valais in German-speaking Switzerland, but my origins are Italian. I have always lived in these two realities and have sought to combine them in my work, teaching my mother tongue, Italian, to German language and culture students.
In 2007, I moved to Canton Ticino and started my professional collaboration with the ILI School, as an Italian L2 teacher. My professional experience has been enriched within an international and multi-ethnic environment. In the meantime, I completed my university education at the University of Perugia in Italy, obtaining a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with a Thesis in Linguistics. I collated data, in a classroom at the ILI School, to analyse Phenomena of Interference from German speakers learning the Italian language. I love reading and literature has always fascinated me, hence I decided to deepen my training and enrol in a Master of Arts in Italian Language, Literature and Civilisation at the University of Lugano. Another of my passions is travelling, but that is not always possible and this job offers the right compromise.

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