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What would happen if we really paid attention to all the sounds that surround us?

In the cities we populate, within the buildings in which we live and on the streets we cross, sound continually follows its unexpected course, sometimes muffled, occasionally with a resounding din, whilst other sounds merge with additional noises, music and happenings. We are often unknowingly immersed in a world full of resonances, a great and immense musical composition that must be interpreted, recognised and rendered its own.

Experience a sonorous adventure in the city and learn to listen to the places in which we are immersed, to discover the unexpected pleasures and to improve your language skills.

The ILI School accompanies you into the world of quietly listening to things with a series of sonorous strolls so as to be able to further capture the details that surround us, from the din of the city to the silent power of nature that still surprises and amazes us.

Every event will be divided into 3 parts: after an introductory competent, the real sonorous stroll will begin, concluding with a third part dedicated to the conclusions, providing the words suited to the material and the impressions collated.

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The course is open to all language levels, with lessons being tailored to the participants


Friday from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm


The courses will be activated for groups of at least 8 participants


Each individual meeting: CHF 50.-
(any eventual transportation costs are not included in the price)

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