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Do you want to learn or improve your Italian?

Choose our Intensive Course in Lugano!

The Intensive Language Course of the ILI School puts you at the centre of the lesson. We enhance and utilise your experiences, your needs, the styles and motivations that you bring to the class.

Our didactic approach is immersive, given that having you understand and learn the language means conveying the flexible network of knowledge, categories, values and practices that comprise the Italian culture, giving you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the reality of the territory.

ILI Students

Depending on your initial level, the course offers the possibility to reach all levels of linguistic competence within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2.

To whom it is addressed

The course is designed for adults of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels who wish to learn the Italian language, as well being directed towards companies wanting to train their collaborators in the Italian language.

ILI students


The course is divided into 4-week modules, however it is possible to customise the frequency over more weeks or on a yearly basis for those who need a long-term programme (for example, for a study visa).


Morning: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 12:15 pm (50-minute lessons).

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. For classes of less than 7 students, a reduction in hours may be applied.


The ILI School pays particular attention to the quality of teaching and the specificity of each individual student, hence our classes have a limited number of participants.

The course provides lessons that are tailored to the actual level of the group, with differentiated teaching and attention to individual needs, having the aim of enhancing the competency of each and every student.


1 week: CHF 390.-
2 week: CHF 690.-
3 week: CHF 960.-
4 week: CHF 1’190.-

Prices applicable on consecutive weeks within the monthly lesson plan.

Educational Programme

The teaching methodologies used in the courses are specific to the communicative/situational approaches and allow for the improvement of all language skills through techniques for the development of linguistic processes.

The intensive course programme includes situational, cultural and recreational lessons that take place in real contexts (for example, during a visit to an exhibition, taking part in a treasure hunt, and so on).

Learning the language is promoted by developing the student’s autonomy, with the programme including situational activities that aim to apply the language skills in ‘real life’ contexts, transmitted through interacts with people, stores, offices and other institutions outside the school.

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